How to request a modification of your uncontested divorce

your uncontested divorce

Uncontested divorce, which means that both parties agree on all the terms and do not need to go to trial or have an extended legal process, can be a great option to dissolve a marriage quickly and easily. However, even with the most agreeable divorce, life circumstances change, and modifications to the original agreement may be necessary. Here’s how to request a modification of your uncontested divorce.

Step 1: Gather necessary documents

Start by gathering all documents related to your divorce decree or settlement agreement, including any parenting plans, child support orders, property division agreements, and spousal support orders. Ensure that all court orders pertaining to the original divorce are available, as they will be necessary for the court to review.

Step 2: Identify what needs to be modified

Review the terms of your original agreement and identify what needs to be modified. Perhaps your financial circumstances have changed, or you have relocated, and the original custody agreement no longer works for your family. Whatever the reason may be, make sure you have a clear understanding of what changes you are requesting.

Step 3: Consult with an attorney

It’s essential to work with a trusted and experienced attorney when modifying an uncontested divorce. An attorney can help navigate the legal system and ensure that all documentation and procedures are followed correctly.

Step 4: File a motion to modify divorce decree

The next step is filing a motion to modify your divorce decree with the court that handled your divorce. Consult with your attorney to find out the necessary forms and local rules. Your motion to modify should include detailed information about the changes you’re requesting, including any supporting evidence or documentation.

Step 5: Attend a court hearing

Once you’ve filed a motion, the court will likely set a hearing date. Make sure to attend the court hearing and have all necessary documents and evidence to support your case. Be prepared to answer any questions the judge may have and provide additional details if necessary.

Modifying an easy uncontested divorce can be a relatively simple process when both parties agree on the changes. However, it’s essential to work with a skilled attorney to ensure that all legal procedures are followed correctly. With these steps, you can request modifications to your uncontested divorce and ensure that it meets the changing needs of your family.


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