Revature Discusses the Qualities to Demonstrate at the First Tech Job Interview

Tech Job Interview

If one plans to apply for an IT, data science or software engineering based job after graduation, there is a good chance that they shall have to appear for a technical interview. These interviews are meant to largely assess the technical ability of the candidates, specific to the job role they are applying for. A lot of technical interview questions might directly be linked to the job role, and hence candidates must go through the job description properly and make sure that they feel confident with the skills required. Many fresh graduates may not have the exact skills or degree of expertise for a job. In this situation, they can seek the assistance of companies like Revature in order to get trained in the most in-demand skills in the field of tech. Doing so would substantially increase their chances of acing the job interview.

Revature lists the prime qualities that are evaluated in tech job interviews

Tech job interviews are meant to evaluate the abilities of the candidates to determine how they match up to what is required within a role. They test the candidates against the core skills needed for the specific position, and allow the hiring team to gauge how well the candidate may perform if they were offered the job. Here are a few qualities to demonstrate to a hiring manager when attending a tech job interview:

Technical knowledge: The employer may expect the candidate to showcase their understanding of the technical elements associated with the relevant job role. For instance, if one is applying for the role of a software developer, then the interview may test their knowledge of both writing and inspecting code. They would be tested on whether or not they can create a smooth user experience and properly test the performance of products.

Advanced problem-solving: Good problem solving skills is another important quality that most employers look for in the technology industry. A candidate should try to show the employer that they have the capability to overcome challenges, while also maintaining their productivity at the workplace.  As an aspiring cyber-security professional, for instance, one may have to attend a job interview that assesses their ability to prevent security issues from recurring, while simultaneously following emergency protocols.

Creativity: Technical interviews provide opportunities for exemplifying the creativity of the candidate, and convince the hiring team that the candidate can prove to be of value to the company. When candidates complete the assignments provided during the interview, or respond to questions verbally, they can incorporate their own creativity into these answers. This innovation and creativity can help candidates to stand out from their fellow competitors.

Communication: How well a candidate communicates with others shall be an important factor in getting the job.  The duties of certain tech professionals involve explaining complicated processes to other departments; hence they need good communication skills to be successful at their job. Communication capabilities are also immensely important when a person is working as a part of a team or trying to resolve issues.

Due to the high importance of tech job interviews, major tech talent development companies like Revature have a proper process in place to help their candidates to prepare for such interviews.

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