What Kind of Live Edge Table Go With a Country-Style Home?

Live Edge Table

Country-style houses look beautiful, they are cozy and make people feel closer to nature. Its back-to-nature aesthetic demands furniture that will blend well with it in terms of simplicity. One of the most appropriate pieces of furniture for a home like this would be live edge pieces. Live edge tables are all about raw and natural visuals, so they can make your interior design look like a piece taken from nature. Here’s a detailed piece that will help you choose the right live edge coffee table for your country-style home.

The Beauty of Live Edge Tables

A live edge table has a natural wood slab with all its natural patterns. This kind of finish gives a very authentic look to the cabinetry, which may be ideal for country homes that embrace the raw and organic feel of their furniture and accessories.

Epoxy Tables

Epoxy tables are somewhat of a more contemporary version of a live edge table. These tables consist of live edge wood that has been joined with epoxy resin that is infused into the wood grain to fill gaps and cracks. Besides, it also helps to add a more aesthetic value to the wood as an art form. There are numerous designs of epoxy tables available on the market and the resins are available in different colors and designs, therefore you can be certain of finding one that will suit your country-style home. Check if your local artisans are offering epoxy tables for sale or not.

Selecting a Live Edge For A Coffee Table

  • Wood Type: Select the type of wood that can complement the other components of your home. Woods such as walnut, oak, and cherry are often used as the basis of furniture because of their beautiful natural colors and the fact that they do not easily wear out.
  • Size and Shape: Make certain that the live edge wood coffee table can easily fit into your room. You should also measure the area that the coffee table will be placed in to avoid choosing either a table that is too big or too small for the room.
  • Base Style: The base can be metallic, wooden, or a combination of both material types depending on the preference and kind of design that is being implemented on the equipment. If you prefer a natural-looking handle, a wooden base is appropriate; whereas, a metallic base will give you an avant-garde feel.

The Elegance of a Live Edge Dining Table

A live edge dining table can serve as the centerpiece of your dining room. It combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal that resonates with the natural, cozy vibe of a country-style home.

Custom-Made Dining Tables

One of the main benefits of having custom-made dining tables is that one can have a choice of having them made in a particular design. Here are some tips for choosing one of the best custom made dining tables:

  • Table Dimensions: Think about how many people you would like to have a place for dining and the size of the space that you have. Customization is great for the specific reason it enables one to have a table of their size.
  • Wood Finish: Select a finish that will allow the wood to be natural yet able to withstand the harshness of everyday use. It is also possible to opt for a matte finish to make the kitchen look more rugged or choose a glossy finish to add elegance to the look.
  • Edge Style: Choose between thin, standard, or thick live edges. Depending on the style and desired aesthetic of the furniture, some tables appear to have a stronger, coarser edge, and other tables have a finer edge.

Live Edge Kitchen Table Things to Consider

  • Durability: First, kitchens are very busy rooms, so the wood must be durable enough for this particular area of the house. Using maple and oak for the hardwood components is ideal for this kind of application.
  • Design Harmony: The main point is to make sure the design of the live edge kitchen table matches the rest of the kitchen interiors. Do not have it stand out as a separate entity but rather be in harmony with your cabinetry, countertops, and other features.
  • Functionality: Think about the purpose of the table so that you can find out how well it works in that respect. If used for both preparation of foods and consumption of the same then ensure it has a very strong surface that will not be affected easily.


Live edge tables are eye-catching and complement the country style of decoration providing a natural and rugged look. Specialty epoxy tables are trendy and made-to-order dining tables provide the ideal size for your dining area. This part of the country-style interior design should welcome the natural and rustic appeal of live edge furniture.

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