Here are the best trading apps in India

best trading apps

Upstox Pro.

Upstox Pro is the most popular trading app in India that provides traders with an array of features designed to help them make informed decisions about their investments quickly. It comes with advanced charting features such as over 100 technical indicators and drawing tools to allow users to analyze trends more precisely. Additionally, its order execution speed is unmatched due to its support for algorithmic trading strategies such as trailing stop loss orders. The app also provides detailed research reports from reliable sources like Thomson Reuters. These reports can be accessed anytime by registered users on the go via the mobile app or website version of the UpStox Pro platform.

One of the most popular trading apps in India is Zerodha Kite, which gives traders access to the Indian stock market through a robust and feature-rich platform. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools, including real-time charts, technical indicators, and advanced order types. It also offers a variety of research and analysis options such as backtesting capabilities and trend identification tools. Furthermore, it supports both online and offline trading with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to make quick decisions about their investments.

5Paisa Mobile App.

The 5Paisa mobile app is one of the most affordable yet powerful platforms available in India. It provides investors access to stocks at low costs while still maintaining quality services. Overall, it provides an excellent customer service experience across different channels like phone calls or chat services, etc. The platform offers multiple order types coupled with real-time streaming quotes along with other useful online resources such as news feeds from renowned financial sources like CNBC et al., enabling investors/traders a seamless investment experience while they are on the move using only their smartphones or tablets!

Angel Broking App.

Angel Broking App is widely known for its secure network connection. This ensures data safety for all transactions made through this app according to industry standards. This makes sure investors’ funds are secure! Alongside that, the Angel Broking App provides an array of features ranging from advanced charting options (like study comparison) to a portfolio tracker which helps you compare your existing portfolio performance against benchmark indices giving you insightful data regarding your returns & risks associated with each security held within your portfolio! Additionally, there are various value-added services provided for free under this application like daily newsletters & regular market updates so you don’t miss out on any opportunity-related information!

Kotak Securities App.

Kotak Securities is one of the largest brokers in India. In its app, Kotak Securities app provides a comprehensive suite of features to help traders make informed decisions while trading in the equities and derivatives markets. The app offers real-time streaming quotes, market updates as well as research reports from reliable sources such as the NSE & BSE. Additionally, it also provides automated order execution to help users capitalize on opportunities quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the platform comes with an advanced charting feature that includes over 100 technical indicators for analyzing trends more precisely before placing trades!


In conclusion, choosing the best trading app in India for your online Demat account is a crucial decision. It is imperative to evaluate the security and reliability of a trading app. This includes its user interface, fees, charges, brokerage, and margin as well as the research and analysis offered by the platform. After considering all these factors, Zerodha Kite, Upstox Pro, 5paisa Mobile App, Angel Broking App, and Kotak Securities App are some of the best apps available in India. Ultimately selecting a trading app should be based on individual preferences that fit specific requirements. Therefore it is necessary to do your own research before making a final decision when it comes to investing online with an online demat account in India.

If you’re looking for reliable advice on which trading app would suit you best, make sure to contact a financial advisor or professional trader. They will be able to help guide you through this process.

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