The Benefits of Postpartum Massages

Postpartum Massages

These days, postpartum massage in Singapore is becoming more and more popular. Taking a few hours off for some self-care after giving birth might be the last thing on your mind, but a postpartum massage could be just what you need to begin your healing process.

Many new moms have feelings of abandonment after giving birth since everyone is focused on taking care of the baby. In addition to nine months of aches and suffering from pregnancy, your body has just had a gruelling event. Now that you have a small person in your life, you must attempt to return to normal.

In addition to a range of health advantages, a postpartum massage may help you manage any stress you may be experiencing due to your child’s birth, solve sleep-related issues, and generally make you feel more in control and at ease.

This article will explore the numerous benefits of postpartum massage for moms.

Better Sleep

We all know that having a new baby will affect your sleep, but after giving birth, your hormones are frequently out of whack as well, which can make it challenging to calm down and sleep.

Reduced Stress

It makes sense that you would be worried, given how drastically your life has altered. According to one research, massage treatment may enhance dopamine and serotonin levels, the body’s happy chemicals, and lower cortisol levels, the body’s stress hormone. This makes it a suitable alternative for stressed-out new moms.

Pain Reduction

Massage treatment promotes physical relaxation, which may also aid with pain management. A postnatal massage can be the perfect solution to reduce any discomfort or stiffness you are experiencing if you are carrying any stress in your body.

Aids in Breastfeeding

Massage of the breasts can help new moms experiencing discomfort, obstructions, or other breastfeeding problems. Postnatal massage that targets the breast may help prevent this result, as lactation issues or pain can lead to some new moms giving up on nursing.

Reduced Swelling

A postpartum massage can aid in lymphatic drainage, promote circulation, and reduce swelling all over the mother’s body.

Emotional Health

Postpartum massage can aid with hormone control, which impacts mood even if it doesn’t cure postnatal depression. After growing up in the body during pregnancy, oestrogen levels drop, which may result in a decline in mood comparable to those frequently experienced by post-menopausal women. The effects of this significant hormonal fluctuation could be mitigated by raising dopamine and serotonin, which will also aid in the management of cortisol levels.

Although postpartum massage is safe and helpful, it is advisable to speak with your doctor first if you have had a difficult delivery or had a c-section.

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