15 fashion basics to have in your wardrobe.?

fashion basics to have in your wardrobe

We often hear people say “It’s a basic mode” OK, but what exactly is a basic? It is a timeless garment , which remains timeless despite the passing years. These are pieces that can be worn both day and night, at work or for a casual day . They are also clothes that fit us like a glove and that we can no longer do without. We all have our basics: These jeans that give us dream buttocks, the skirt that gives us an hourglass waist, our sweater that enhances our chest… All these pieces that want us well and in which we can have confidence and feel confident!

Fashion basics are the backbone of a wardrobe . So a piece of advice, we always choose quality basics because we will wear them for a long time and often. Once we have found THE piece we need, the goal is to keep it as long as possible. It’s a starting budget, but in the long run, it’s what saves us money. And yes because it is always the beautiful clothes that we keep the longest !

Another trick, the basic allows you to stop buying clothes at all costs, without a common thread. When we go shopping, the majority of us tend to buy pieces that are a little eccentric or that change our habit. Consequences: a wardrobe full to overflowing with nice clothes… But mismatched! Of course, you should twist the basics of your wardrobe with more original pieces, otherwise your looks risk being disconcertingly banal. But the idea is to combine neutral basics with more trendy accessories, and to associate them with more modern pieces in order to multiply the outfit ideas.

We give you our list of 15 essential fashion basics to have in your dressing room:

1) Jeans

These are THE pants to have without fail! Forget the effects of fashion with faded, holes or fancy pockets, and bet on raw jeans. It is this all-purpose model that will be your best ally! To wear cool on Sunday with a pair of trainers, it can also be very elegant with pretty red pumps and a blazer. Be careful, always try it on before buying it to choose the shape of jeans that best suits your body type. Remember one thing: it must highlight your buttocks!

2) Black or tailored pants

A job interview? A fancy dinner? Hop, the black pants are the basic of the situation. Choose a clamp model. Wear it with a blouse and pumps for a total chic and sober look. To break the codes, match it with a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

3) The little black dress

It crosses time, without taking a wrinkle… The black dress is one of the must-haves of a dressing room worthy of the name. A romantic dinner? A girls’ shopping day? We love this dress! Straight cut, fitted, or V-neck to highlight your assets. You can also twist it with a bare back, transparency or patterns. Wear with a pair of pumps for a chic effect, or trainers for a casual look.

4) The white shirt

In the masculine-feminine trend, the white shirt is a must. So yes, you can steal your darling’s, but it’s a good investment to have his! Choose it in organic cotton and without pockets for more elegance. Wear it with pleated trousers for an elegant look, or with jeans for a more casual result. It will always have its effect, in all discretion.

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