15 tips to slow down aging.?

slow down aging

You may not be able to turn back time, but you can alter its effects on your body! Indeed, it is really possible to slow down physical and mental aging through healthy lifestyle habits. Here are fifteen gestures to add to your weekly routine!

It is shown that people of the same chronological age may have a different “biological age”. In a study published in the journal PNAS , nearly 1,000 participants of the same age were examined on different factors, including their cognitive abilities, cardiovascular health and other fitness markers. They were followed at three different ages, namely 26 years, 32 years and 38 years.

The researchers plotted each individual’s curve using their biomarkers and discovered that they did not all decline at the same rate. Some, in fact, had no degeneration, which means they did not age. At 38, these 1,000 volunteers had very different biological ages, ranging from under 30 to nearly 60. What this means is that factors other than genetics can influence aging , the study authors said in a Duke University press release.

More exercise

The best way to slow aging is to stay in top shape. A study published in Aging Cell found that older people who exercised regularly throughout their lives had the muscle mass, cholesterol levels and immune systems of much younger people. It’s no surprise that exercise leads to healthy weight loss and encourages fat loss. It also helps control blood sugar to prevent diabetes.

“Aerobic exercise — any physical activity that increases your breathing and heart rate — improves heart health,” says Benjamin Epstein, family medicine specialist at Piedmont Physicians . “Balance and strength exercises keep bones strong, decrease arthritis pain, and reduce the risk of falls.”

Exercise also has mental benefits. “Physical activity can reduce depression and anxiety and helps cognitive function to keep the mind sharp,” says Dr. Epstein. “Staying strong, steady on your feet, and flexible can also preserve your ability to live independently for longer,” he says. Aim for a goal of 30 minutes of aerobic activity, five days a week, with 10 minutes of strength and balance training two days a week, he advises.

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